For about a year now we have had a new showpiece and a real world first in our machine shop - it's the TRUMPF TruLaser Center 7030. Our specialists have put the fully automatic machine for sheet metal processing through its paces over the past 12 months. Our experience shows: This machine completely revolutionizes the world of laser cutting.

In the conventional 2D laser cutting process several machining steps are necessary, e.g. cutting, waiting, clearing cycles, sorting and palletizing. This results in long waiting times and means the machines are often at a standstill during the day. Finish machining further increases the part throughput time. For the first time ever the fully automatic machine integrates all laser cutting processes in a single machine - from the drawing right up to the sorted part. This combination of all the necessary machining steps in one machine offers our customers higher capacities and cost savings in the case of recurring standard parts. This enables us to solve the classic conflict between speed and process reliability and provides our customers with an increase in capacity while reducing costs at the same time.

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Please contact our sales team at (+49) 07195 188-352 if you would like more information on this world first and the extraordinary range of possibilities it offers. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.

The benefits of the Trulaser Center 7030

Thanks to a highly dynamic additional axis, even complex contours can be cut at high speed. SmartGate ejects small parts into up to eight bins and conveys slugs and scrap into the slag car in seconds. The SortMaster Speed guarantees optimum parts sorting at record speed.

The TruLaser Center 7030 guarantees unattended operation and makes running times plannable. This means the new fully automatic laser machining center can be run around the clock.

Intelligent, integrated programs, i.e. SmartGate, SmartLift and SmartMaster Speed, help prevent parts tilting and being unintentionally welded, and ensure smooth unloading of the finished parts. Thanks to built-in intelligence, an extremely high level of safety is guaranteed and potential sources of error can be actively eliminated.

Automated non-contact laser machining produces laser cut parts with surfaces that are burr-free and scratch-free.

The new concept of a fully automatic machining center ensures high speed and thus achieves groundbreaking productivity. The perfect functional interaction of the components makes the machine extraordinarily cost-efficient. A true revolution for us and our customers.