Logistics and shipping

Our logistics center plays an important 

  • keeping strictly to agreed delivery deadlines
  • short delivery times
  • optimal warehousing
  • fast material flow

You want to use the "Toyota Principle"?
Our aim here is production in unison with the customer's cycle while minimizing any wastage of resourcesin the production process.

The information as to what quantity is to produced is communicated within the production departments by means of Kanban cards. If required, we produce only the quantities you need at a given time.

You don't want to maintain your own warehouse any more?
In that case we produce on a Just-in-Time basis.
Our vast shipping warehouse enables us to provide a stock-keeping service for your products.

Or would prefer synchronized logistics?
The flexible organization of manufacturing and our production system enable you to optimize your own production economically.
Production and delivery are synchronized with your further processing – non-productive times are almost completely eliminated.