Jig construction

Our solution:

Welding jigs designed and built in-house.
Optimal laser welding jigs – also available as separate service. 
From the simplest 2D application to complex 3D applications.
Swivelling function, with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic power assistance.

Our special welding jigs are designed to achieve an optimum production process.
The better the jig, the more efficient and economical the laser welding process will be.
The laser welding work can be performed by the customer or by us.

  • The know-how acquired in 20 years of experience with laser welding.
  • Competent advice on the production process for the part concerned. 
    Running in the jigs, parameterization for YAG (up to 4 kW) and CO2 (up to 5 kW).
    Documented monitoring by our specialist welding engineers
  • Laser cutting and laser welding centers, batch welding
  • Pilot runs (sample parts)
  • Customized connection of interfaces to other systems
  • Development of special workholding solutions

We produce to order workholding fixtures for

  • robot-aided welding, MIG/MAG/WIG/laser ...
  • Laser cutting or other workholding requirements



Examples of products