Laser welding + 3 D-laser cutting

Excellent weld seam quality, very fine welds

  • can be used for most metallic materials, also suitable for very thin materials
  • very little distortion
  • highly accurate weld geometry
  • practically no finishing required
  • suitable for single parts and batches

 Our open system architecture enables almost any welding task to be accomplished.

  • CO2-laser welding
  • YAG laser welding
  • Automated laser welding
  • Welding rotationally symmetric parts
  • Welding complex assemblies
  • 3 D-laser cutting
  • Rotationally symmetric parts (turned parts)
  • Stainless steel structures
  • Thin-walled sheet metal components
  • Containers and tanks
  • Vehicle body parts
  • Switchgear cabinets
  • Frames made of tubing and sheet
  • Aluminium constructions
  • etc.

Other applications:
Repair welds with filler rod, for example

  • Bending punch
  • Dies
  • Welding on tools

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Examples of products