robotic welding processes

Professional robotic welding processes in our welding gantries:

  • Processing parts up to a length of 12 m possible.
  • Welded constructions up to unit weight of 15000 kg, subsequent stress-relief annealing or sandblasting is part of our service.
  • Press fitting molded parts on presses with automatic sorting and feeding of standard parts
  • Electric welding
  • Protective gas welding (MIG/MAG)
  • Tungsten inert gas WIG/TIG
  • Brazing 
  • Vacuum soldering
  • Spot soldering up to 160 KVA
  • Stationary plants and spot welding tongs
  • Specialist welding engineers, welding technicians, certified welders
  • In-house materials laboratory
  • Numerous welding permits
  • Robot laser welding systems up to 4 kW
  • WIG robot
  • WIG corner welding system
  • MAG welding robot
  • Weld nuts and bolts systems

Examples of products