Tubes and sections service

Our extensive stock of over 1400 items in the tubes and sections service department enables us to meet your requirements at short notice.

Fully automatic laser cutting machines offer designers completely new possibilities and applications:

  • Every conceivable contour
  • Complex geometries
  • Exact hole patterns
  • Tube connections
  • Processing sections
  • Steel, aluminium and stainless steel
  • extremely accurate and economical fabrication – from one-offs to large batches ...

By the way: Our design office is equipped with a specially  adapted 3D CAD tube design program.

Tube dimensions: 

  • Raw material lengths from 2500 to 9000 mm (automatic loading)
  • Finished part lengths up to 7500 mm (automatic unloading up to 6000 mm)
    min. remaining tube length 141 mm
    min. diameter 15 mm
    (rectangular tube: min. side length 15 x 15 mm)
  • Enveloping circle diameter up to 254 mm
  • Laser power 3.6 kW / 2.7 kW

Material weights:

  • max. workpiece weight (raw material) 225 kg
  • max. workpiece weight (finished product, output station) 25 kg/m
  • Oxide-free stainless steel machining
  • Scale-free cut edges possible

Examples of products