Our business is multi-faceted, as is our social commitment. Social responsibility is not just an empty catchphrase at H.P. Kaysser, it has always been an elementary and actively practiced part of the company’s philosophy. Being a successful family-owned company, we want to give our staff, their families and society something in return. For this reason we regularly engage in activities for a good cause – in various areas in fact.

By the way:
H.P. Kaysser GmbH + Co. KG was made a member of the German Ethics Society in 2014 for its ethical conduct and the principles of honourable fair dealing. In our function as an official member of the Ethics Society we are concerned with the subjects of integrity, ethics and sustained business management on a political, social, commercial and personal level.

Our most important resource: Our Employees

We care about the wellbeing of our employees. We endeavour to harmonize work and family by offering flexible working time schemes. This also includes providing professional care for our staff's children during school holidays in summer and paying a large proportion of the costs involved.

Good health is our most precious asset.

With the H.P.Kaysser bonus programme we encourage our staff to live healthily and take care of themselves. Those who actively do something for their health or take part in specific health activities are rewarded with a bonus once a year.

This also includes our free company sports facilities with a wide variety of training units conceived to maintain vitality and ensure a healthy change from the workday routine.

At H.P. Kaysser, we not only create opportunities for sufficient exercise, but also take care of a good diet. After all, anyone who works well also has to eat well. Our company canteen offers a choice of seven different meals at lunchtime. Moreover, different snacks are available every day. Our free apple stations for the daily dose of vitamins, and our free drinking water dispensers are also very popular.

Ergonomically designed workplaces are another part of our feel-good programme. Height-adjustable desks enable staff to change their working position several times a day, do mild exercise and relieve back strain.

The numerous rest areas in the company grounds are welcomed for short breaks in the fresh air. Pleasantly designed places to sit in the open, shaded in summer, invite employees to relax or chat with colleagues.

Last but not least, we offer an attractive company pension scheme so that our employees can enjoy their future retirement without any cares.

Giving young people a chance

The best way to tackle the lack of skilled workers is to open the door to tomorrow’s skilled workers today. This is exactly what H.P. Kaysser is doing. In this connection we work closely with schools, promote a wide range of projects and are open to educational partnerships.

We offer pre-study industrial work experience as well as internship places for schoolchildren and retrainees. H.P. Kaysser is also the ideal address for project work for those studying to become technicians. We attend numerous educational exhibitions as part of our recruitment drive and participate in different initiatives – “vocational world action day”, for example, on which schoolgirls and schoolboys in the region can inform themselves about our interesting offers to learn a trade. Or the „Girls’ Day“, on which we give girls who are interested in technical/manual trades an insight into our workaday world in the company. We also support the „MuT“ initiative of the Waiblingen Career Counselling Office.  „MuT“ stands for “girls and engineering” and gives schoolgirls the opportunity to opt for a 3-day work experience in a respected company that takes on trainees – H.P. Kaysser, for example.